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24/7 online secure reviewing platform for production, post-production, legal, marketing and distribution.

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The only video reviewing platform that adapts to your workflow: add validation steps and manage access permission levels in one click, to fit your production workflow.

Follow progress and approval status from On-Set Ingest, Dailies, Grading, Sound Mixing to Final-Cut and Trailers: design your own workflow and automatically get and send updates on approvals per stage.

Focus 100% on creativity: just sit back and watch your assets being approved by each stakeholder from production to post and distribution. Got past the image validation? Your sound designers automatically get the update and can upload their version.

Seamless integration from prep to distribution: automatically sync metadata from script and from the set with your assets: upload your .PDF or .FDX script and get the information on scenes, sets, characters and props ready to be added to your assets for maximum time savings in sorting and accessing your assets.

The best security for your content with automatic video watermark, time-stamped access, tracked emails delivery and download prevention.


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