Produits Références Sécurité Integrations

Vos informations sont confidentielles et ne seront pas transmises à des tiers

Construit pour répondre aux plus hauts critères de sécurités et de protection des données

Privacy Policy

We include a Data Privacy clause in all our contracts.
All our US contractors are registered within the Privacy Shield Framework.

User management

The system includes a rights management control panel, accessible by project administrators, to define and manage team rights. 
There are five type of rights available: no access, view only, view and edit, manage.

Password policy

Passwords are hashed in our system, and never held plain. We use a hashing algorithm and store the result.
Users can reset their password at any time: this process is automatically handled.
In order to help Users to comply with specific information protection and data privacy requirements, a custom password policy can be implemented on demand, in order to help Organisations to comply with these requirements. Different policies can be applied to Users and administrators, for example: password length, complexity, entropy, special character usage or even a regular expression.

Data collection and processing

Setkeeper does not collect nor process any personal data such as race, criminal record, religion, sex life, political opinion/affiliations, trade union membership, health status.


We use cookies but they do not contain any personal data.
They are only used to authenticate User through our services and Setkeeper support team.